Care and Maintenance of Dog Brushes

Care and Maintenance of Dog Brushes

Grooming your pet dog is essential. Brushing your dog’s hair is important since it gets rid of loose hair strands and keeps it shiny and free from tangles and knots.

It also distributes the natural oils found in the hair properly throughout your pet’s coat. Regular brushing also gets rid of common allergens found in dogs such as dead skin and dander.

To prevent these allergens from spreading all over the home, dog owners have to see to it that they clean their pet grooming instruments regularly, especially dog brushes. This article will further discuss the steps on how to clean a dog brush.

Cleaning a Dog Brush

1. Get rid of fur from the brush

The first thing you have to do is take away all fur and dirt contained in the bristles and pad of the brush. You can use an old comb or toothbrush for this.

2. Soak the brush in a solution of vinegar and water

Next, you should submerge the item in a solution composed of water and vinegar. Make the solution by mixing equal parts water and vinegar (white or apple cider type).

You can also use shampoo for this step. Make sure that the shampoo you will be using does not contain glycol, tar, perfumes or any substance that is harmful to animals. Add 2-3 squirts of the shampoo to a bowl of water.

You have taken away all the fur and dirt off of the brush, but there may still be some bits clinging to it, which can be hard to remove with a toothbrush or comb alone. If this happens you must submerge the brush in said solution. Soak the item for 5-30 minutes to fully soften the grip of the remaining fur and dirt.

3. Rinse after soaking

After the soak, make sure to rinse the item out carefully and completely. Remove all of the remaining dirt on the pad and bristles. You can do this by rinsing the item in water then shaking it gently to remove extra moisture. In case you do not want to rinse the item in the sink, you can dip the brush in a bowl of clean water.

4. Disinfect item after the rinse

The next thing you have to do on how to clean a dog brush is to spray disinfectant on the cleaned brush. The water + vinegar or shampoo solution do have antibacterial qualities to it however if you are concerned about viruses, germs, and bacterial buildup, you can disinfect the item properly.

Disinfectant sprays can be bought from plenty of stores, but you can also make your own by means of mixing water with 10 percent bleach.

5.  Dry the dog brush thoroughly

Position the brush on a clean towel to dry the item. Make sure that the item has dried completely before using it on your dog. Position the item with the bristle side placed downward, so the water will not trickle into the brush head or handle.

Storage and Maintenance

1. Check the brush for indications of wear and tear

Make sure that you inspect the item for signs of wear every so often. Grooming implements will get damaged somehow due to time and constant use, regardless whether they were cleaned and maintained diligently. Signs of damage only mean it is time to replace the brush.

2. Store the brush or other grooming items in a warm, clean, and dry location

To make your grooming tools last longer, you should allot a proper place to store them. Keep the items away from your pets reach. Store the items in a dry and warm place so bacteria and mold will not thrive in them.

3. Make cleaning the dog brushes a habit

A dog brush that lasts will benefit from regular cleanups. The brush attracts and collects new loose hair, dirt, and germs each time it gets used on your dog’s coat so make sure to wash the item regularly. You can choose to clean the item after every use. If you do not have that much time, make sure you conduct a cleanup weekly or biweekly.

4. Read instructions completely

There are dog brushes being sold now that have self-cleaning features like retractable bristles. Before using or cleaning the item, you should read the instructions included.

Maintenance of dog brushes is important so you can have items that will last you for a longer period. These steps on how to clean a dog brush will help make grooming a better and more positive experience for you and your doggies.

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