DakPets Dog and Cat Brush Review

DakPets offers one of the industry’s best dog and cat brushes. Universal in style, this brush can be used through an animal’s entire growth cycle meaning it’s a one-time investment that will last for years.

What’s this brush feature?

DakPets Dog and Cat Brush Features and Specs

  • 95% reduction in shedding
  • 4-inch, rust-resistant blade
  • Quick release button
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Non-slip design
  • Eyelet for easy hanging
  • Detachable head design
  • Money back guarantee

DakPets Dog and Cat Brush Review

When it comes to brushing your pet, you need to be diligent. Your pet has a lot of hair, and with the changing seasons, your pet may need to be brushed more often. There’s nothing worse than realizing your pet brush isn’t working for your pet any longer.

DakPets makes a brush that fits perfectly in your hand.

Non-slip, the brush has an ergonomic handle that will fit in the hand firmly, allowing you to make quick work of your pet’s loose hair. You’ll be able to brush through your dog’s or cat’s coat (it’s designed for both) reducing the amount of shedding by as much as 95%.

That’s a massive claim.

And it’s a claim that the company backs with its very own money back guarantee. You’ll be able to reduce shedding by a lot, and all it takes is just 10 quick minutes of brushing.

Brushing isn’t just beneficial for your home and furniture either. Your brushing habits will be beneficial for your pets, too. A quick brushing will allow you to:

  • Remove dead skin and debris from your animal’s fur
  • Move around natural oils on the animal’s skin

A well-brushed animal is an animal that has fur that looks great. The time it takes to brush your pet is negligible compared to the benefits that they receive from your brushing. Ideal for any age, this brush is designed for cats and dogs that are:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Short- and long-haired animals can also use the DakPets’ brush without worry. It’s a universal brush that is small enough to fit in any kitchen drawer and will last for years.

You’ll notice that there is a quick release button that removes the blade’s head from the brush.

When you have a quick release, this means you’ll be able to replace the blade quickly. But don’t worry, there is a 4″ stainless steel comb with a safe blade cover. Your brush will last for years with the confidence that when you go to brush your dog, your comb will be ready for the task.

Designed to be a de-shedding tool, this brush is recommended by professional groomers and veterinarians alike.

It’s a pet brush that can be used with confidence.

The stainless-steel comb spans 100mm and ensures no irritation to the animal’s skin. A standalone grooming tool, you’ll also receive a:

  • Dog Owners Handbook & Cat Training 101

The free eBook is perfect for new and seasoned dog and cat owners alike. You’ll be able to train your pets better than ever before thanks to this free eBook.

I recommend that you take grooming very seriously with your pets. Cats are resilient, and while they have the ability to digest their hair and clean themselves, older cats will have more problems with their own grooming.

Older animals can’t digest the hair as easily, so they’ll often cough the hair up – hello hair balls.

It’s important to help your animal groom themselves as they age. A good combing or brushing 2 – 3 times a week will keep your home free of hair and make life a little more comfortable for your dog or cat.


  • Sharp blades that can be replaced
  • Ergonomic grip makes brushing a breeze
  • 4″ width makes it easy to brush large and small animals


  • Blades need to be replaced

While one of the brush’s strongest features, having to replace the blade is also a negative feature. Blade replacement is costly, and you’ll need to make sure that you have a spare blade available when your blade goes dull.

DakPets Dog and Cat Brush Questions and Answers

People are asking questions about DakPets’ brush that can help you make a smarter purchasing decision. The questions that they’re asking, include:

  • Where can I buy replacement combs? The manufacturer, DakPets, sells the replacement combs in a variety of different packages: 1, 2 and 3 item packages. You’ll receive the best price when choosing a high-count package. Replacement isn’t needed often, and a lot of users state that they’ve never had to replace their combs.
  • Can this brush be used while washing your pet? The company advises you to use this de-shedding tool only on dry fur. The tool will not be as effective when the fur is wet and may cause discomfort to your animal, too.
  • Can I use this brush on short hair cats? The brush is perfect for long- and short-haired animals. Cats love when their owners use this brush on their fur!

You’ll find that the company is very responsive, so when you have questions about their product, they’ll be more than willing to answer them. You’ll also benefit from a 30-day warranty that allows you to return the brush if it doesn’t meet your standards.

It’s a de-shedding tool that has the ideal grip that makes it easy to brush all types of fur.

You will find that the animal’s fur will quickly attach to the brush allowing you to confidently brush your animal with no snags or painful pulls along the way. DakPets has tested their de-shedding tools on cats and dogs alike – it works well on all animals.

Better-than-expected, this is a de-shedding tool that all dog and cat owners should own.

If you’re finding clumps of hair around your home, increased occurrences of hair balls or that your animal is panting because of their longer hair, it’s time to do a little grooming between sessions at the groomer. De-shedding tools allow you to confidently remove loose hair that is causing your animal discomfort and leaving hair scattered around your home.

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