Dog Combs for Cutting Hair: Proper Hair Maintenance and Cutting Tips

Dog Combs for Cutting Hair: Proper Hair Maintenance and Cutting Tips

Dog hair or fur seems to get everywhere. While humans have a special place in their hearts for their four-legged friends, very few are happy when they find dog hair on their work clothes, sofa, the floor or in their food.

But it’s not your dog’s fault that they shed.

Dogs will naturally grow a thicker coat in the winter to keep them warm, and naturally shed their coat during the summer to cool off.

It’s a natural cycle, but you do have options, too.

Dog Combs That Cut Hair

I bet you didn’t know that they have a dog comb that cuts hair – I never knew either. In fact, there are a lot of different dog brush types on the market, including:

  • Slicker brushes
  • Bristle brushes
  • Rakes
  • Pin brushes

And every brush will serve its purpose, although not every brush is a dog brush that cuts hair. In fact, most brushes are designed to get through matted hair, release some of the hair and remove the loose hair.

If you have a husky and have ever brushed your dog, you know just how much hair a dog can have. I once brushed a husky that hadn’t been groomed in a long time, and the pile of hair reached over three feet high.

I am not even exaggerating.

The problem is that most brushes will just go through the fur and remove it naturally. There’s no real cutting involved, and this means that you’re more or less grooming your dog, but you’re not cutting the hair all one length.

Cutting Your Dog’s Hair Can Be Dangerous

The truth is that cutting your dog’s hair can be very dangerous. Sure, it can be done, but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy or safe. The problem is that people cut the dog’s hair too short, and this can lead to cuts and irritation.

Since dogs can’t talk, they don’t know how to tell you that you’re cutting their hair too short outside of yelping in pain or discomfort.

If you want to truly cut your dog’s hair, you’ll want to go to a professional groomer.


  • Groomers have the proper training to cut a dog’s hair.
  • Groomers have the tools needed to keep a dog safe during grooming.
  • Groomers will be able to tailor their work to your dog breed.

In essence, groomers will do what it takes to make sure your dog is comfortable and their hair is nice and tidy. Yes, there are costs involved with going to a groomer, but this is something that everyone needs to deal with.

And if you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend scouting out groomers in your area that will groom your dog regularly and for an affordable price.

Tools Do Exist to Cut a Dog’s Hair

If your pup has a lot of hair and it seems to get matted often, there are tools that can help. I want to go through this with you as thoroughly as possible, so let’s discuss the different types of tools that you’ll need to tame your pup’s hair:

  • Grooming brushes are a must-have and will go through the dog’s fur to remove all of the loose hairs. These brushes may also be called brush shedding tools, and you’ll want to find a tool that will work for your dog’s hair type: short or long.
  • De-matting tools are another great buy and will help you remove any matted hair your pup may have. If you have a dog with longer hair, these tools can help get rid of those nasty clumps of matted hair and remove the knots, too.
  • Clippers are available that work to cut the hair much like a person does when they go to the barber shop. You’ll need to be very careful when using this tool to ensure that you don’t get too close to the skin and cause pinching, cuts or other damage to the dog.

Of course, a good bristle and pin brush will serve its purpose to remove loose fur and will also remove dead skin or potentially large ticks that may be caught in the dog’s hair.

A proper routine will work best to keep your dog’s hair under control. A dog comb that cuts hair and removes loose hair is the first step to a properly groomed pup. But there are a lot of other options that can help, too.

Dogs need to be on a proper diet to maintain their hair, and if your dog sheds even during the cold winter months, you’ll often find that they’re suffering from poor nutrition or another issue that is keeping their hair from properly growing and being maintained.

Can I Groom My Dog’s Own Hair?

Sure. Brushes will work for most dogs, but when your dog’s hair is so thick or matted that you need to intervene, you can opt to do this yourself. There are two main options available:

  1. Clippers, which are electric and will make quick work of the hair. Clippers are great because there’s little room to mess up and they will cause a noticeable difference in hair length.
  2. Grooming kits are also available that come with scissors and a tool to ensure that you cut your dog’s hair the same length across. These kits are basic, but they get the job done and are affordable. The only minor complaint is that the user (you) will need to be very hands-on when grooming your dog.

Dogs are resilient, and while you may want to keep their hair nice and trimmed, make sure you pay attention to the seasons. In the summer, you can confidently cut most breed’s hair, but in the cold winter months, you may want to think twice before grooming your dog.

If the hair is too short during these cold winter months, your dog will suffer from harsh winters and may not even want to go outside.

A dog’s coat is what keeps your animal nice and warm so that he or she can run in the yard or go out late at night without shivering or getting impacted by the cold weather.

Proper, routine cutting and trimming will keep your dog’s coat looking nice while also ensuring that he or she has a coat that will keep them warm during the winter.

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