How to Choose the Best Clippers for Yorkies

How to Choose the Best Clippers for Yorkies

Yorkies are small, cute and full of hair. The small nature of these dogs doesn’t mean that they don’t need a proper grooming – they do. The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America reaffirms that Yorkies require a lot of grooming.

A few key points to remember are:

  • Yorkies don’t have an undercoat. A lack of an undercoat means that the Yorkies’ hair is just like human hair. This fact makes it easier to groom your pup because an undercoat, seen on breeds that have thick hair (such as a Siberian Husky), require more finesse when grooming.
  • A properly groomed Yorkie will have a shiny coat that will reflect in the sunlight. Some Yorkies will not have this shiny coat, and the coat will look woolier or cotton-like.

What does all this have to do with clippers? If you know what type of coat your dog has, it’s much easier to pick the right type of clippers. A few things that can help you choose the right clippers are:

Wooly Coats

Wooly coats are thick, dark and very full. You’ll notice that many dogs with this coat will have different colors, and the head and legs are often dark in color. The dark hairs will have a shaded tan, and sometimes, the hair will start to turn a light gray color.

The fur will never reflect the metallic color that dogs with the correct coat do.

If your pup has this type of coat, you’ll need to brush them once or twice daily. The goal of brushing your dog so often is that it will remove the matting and tangles that often occur. You can use a pair of scissors, which likely come with your clipper set, but this is up to you.

I prefer brushing out the tangles and mats instead of cutting the hair.

When a dog has wooly hair, you’ll need clippers that are:

  • More powerful
  • Come with scissors
  • Offer different clips
  • Have speed options

You need clips because you might want to vary the length of the dog’s coat. So, if your dog has woolly hair, you’ll need a clipper set in the ideal situation.

Cotton Coats

A Yorkie with a cotton coat will be a little more difficult to groom. The problem with these coats is that cotton coats have a tendency to mat easily. These dogs have a harder time growing out their coat fully, but clippers make it a breeze to groom a cotton coat Yorkie.

The good thing is that since these coats are shorter, it’s easier to properly clip your pup.

You can use most clippers for cotton coats, but if you want to style your dog’s hair further, you can choose:

  • Clippers with different length clips
  • Clippers that offer tapering

General Clipper Recommendations to Choose the Best Clippers for Yorkies

Yorkies have a very unique coat, and their small size makes it important to choose the right pair of clippers. You’ll have a lot of choices on the type of clipper to choose, but a few of the Yorkie-specific recommendations that we have are:

  • Noise: Loud noises and a small dog don’t go together well. In fact, most dogs hate the sound of clippers because their hearing is much more amplified than that of a human. If you want your dog to remain as calm as possible, choose a pair of clippers that has low noise production. These clippers will work best and will allow your dog to squirm just a little less from the noise of the clippers.
  • Speeds: You might use one speed more than another with your clippers, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t want options. Sometimes, the dog’s coat will be thicker or harder to shave, so you’ll want to go into a low or high speed, depending on the situation. I find speeds to be the best choice for a comfortable clipping.
  • Clips: A Yorkies’ coat should not be less than 1/3″ from the root. Your dog’s coat acts as a protectant against the elements and cold, so keep this in mind when grooming. The ability to swap out clips allows you to control the length of the shave so that your dog’s coat is always perfectly trimmed.
  • Detachable Blade: Some clippers have a detachable blade, and this is a great option to pick. Why? The blade will be able to be cleaned and replaced, which will need to be done. If you allow the blade to become dull or worn, you’ll have a harder time clipping your pup. Detachable blades, while not a must-have, are definitely a great choice for serious dog clipping.

If you adhere to these basic guidelines, you’ll find it much easier to choose the best clippers for Yorkies. There are also a few things that you may want to consider, such as:

  • Scissors: I always recommend a good pair of scissors for your dog. While your dog may be properly groomed and bathed often, this doesn’t mean that scissors are not necessary. You need a very sharp pair of sheers, and your dog’s hair will become matted near their tail, underarms and sometimes near their feet.
  • Nail Clippers: While not a form of coat grooming, your dog will be most comfortable when his nails are properly trimmed. Nails that are allowed to grow out of control will start to hurt when walked on and cause general discomfort. It takes a lot of patience and practice to cut your pup’s nails properly, so make sure you know how to cut your dog’s nails. If you hit the kwik, your dog will bleed, and this can be quite painful, too.

Maintaining your clippers is equally important, and this is really easy to do. You’ll need to simply use a small brush to clean off the hairs and add a few drops of the recommended oil to the blades.

The oil will help lower the friction caused by the clipper’s blades and allow them to operate smoothly.

If there isn’t enough oil or the clippers aren’t maintained, this can lead to the dog’s hair being pulled or the clippers simply not cutting your dog’s hair properly. You’ll also find that a little oil will go a long way in extending the lifespan of your clippers – a major bonus.

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