The Best Way to Remove Dog Hair From the Car: 5 Tricks That Never Fail

The Best Way to Remove Dog Hair From the Car

If you have a dog and let him in the car, you know just how difficult it can be to keep your car clean. Nose prints will find a permanent place on your windows, and you’ll be scrambling to find the best way to remove dog hair from your car.

The good news is that you can still bring your furry friend along for the ride – and even keep your car clean.

We’re going to discuss a few tricks that will go a long way in ensuring that your car is completely free from your pup’s hair.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Your Car With These 10 Tricks

1. Lint Brushes

If you’re a little older, you probably remember your mother or grandmother using some weird brush to pick up your animal’s hair. This tedious process used to seem like it took forever, and they may even have used the brush on your clothes, too.

This is a lint brush.

The great thing about these brushes is that they trap the hair and will make it rather easy to remove the remaining hair in the future.

You’ll find that this is a very tedious process, and you’ll need to rub the brush along your seats and flooring in your vehicle. While this may not seem like the most practical solution to make sure your entire car is pet hair-free, it beats hair flying all around the car when you drive.

I find this method best for spot cleaning and people who have smaller dogs that are easier to brush.

2. Very Sticky Tape

If you’re on a very slim budget and really can’t afford to buy a new brush, this trick will work wonders. You’ll need a very strong tape. Try picking packing tape (the same you used to secure boxes when moving), or opt for something like duct tape.

Always choose the strongest tape possible.

Now, follow these steps:

  • Wrap your hand in tape, leaving the stick side exposed.
  • Rub your hand along the seats and floor.
  • Replace the tape when it gets covered in too much hair.

You can also simply pat the floor with the sticky part of the tape. What this does is attract the loose hair and allow you to throw the tape away when you’re all finished. It’s a very simple technique, and it will also work on your clothes, too.

Just remember to change the tape often, or you risk simply leaving more hair behind than you’re attracting to the tape.

3. Vacuum Your Car

You’ll want to vacuum your car if the hair has gotten too out of control. A tip I like to follow is going to a car wash that also offers unlimited use of the vacuums. This is a great idea because you’ll be able to:

  • Vacuum the entire interior of the vehicle.
  • Remove far more pet hair than other methods.
  • Get in tough-to-reach places, such as under the seat.

If your dog is in your car often, you can also choose small, handheld vacuums to do the job. A lot of people tend to use the vacuums that plug into the lighter or USB port. My biggest issue with these smaller models is power.

Hair that has completely overtaken your vehicle may demand more power than what these small vacuums can produce.

So, it’s something to think about when making your purchase.

Short-haired dogs may not shed as much as a double coat dog, so you may find that your vacuum’s power is more than sufficient for the job.

4. Grooming and Deshedding Glove

Remember our makeshift glove that was made with tape? Well, you can also find this glove in stores in the form of a grooming or deshedding glove. These gloves will slip right on the hand, and they can be rubbed right onto the upholstery.

Just remember to remove the excess hair when you’re done.

This fast and efficient method will grab up all of the hair much faster than a roll of tape, and it’s also much easier to clean the glove than waste a whole roll of tape in one sitting. If you’re a little more eco-friendly, this is a great overall option for removing pet hair from your car.

5. Fabric Softener for Stubborn Hairs

Fabric softener has a way of removing difficult hair from your clothes. This is a design feature of fabric softener, and it’s a trick that I love to use in the interior of my car. Not only will fabric softener loosen up some of the hairs that have become embedded in the seats or carpet, but it will also make the interior smell better.

You’ll need to dilute your fabric softener before putting it on your upholstery, so I recommend:

  • Reading the fabric softeners directions before putting on your upholstery.
  • Mix just a small amount of the softener into a spray bottle.
  • Fill the remaining space in the bottle with water.
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly, ensuring the mixture is well mixed.
  • Spray the mixture onto your upholstery.
  • Wipe with a paper towel.

You’ll want to then let the interior dry and then vacuum up any remaining hair that may be present. If you want, you can also try using dryer sheets, which works well for some people and not for others.

If you can’t stand your dog’s hair, maybe it’s time to seek out another option.

You also have the option of trying to maximize the places where your dog likes to stay in the car. A crate or cage may provide a safe place for your dog to stay and prevent much of the hair from getting all over the inside of your car.

There’s also the option of not bringing your dog in the car or choosing to provide a bed for your dog, which seems to work very well.

If you simply want to minimize the hair in your vehicle, brush your dog before they even enter the vehicle. Dogs tend to shed most when humans want to go for long car rides: in the spring and summer months. A good brushing will help curb the shedding and make cleaning much easier.

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