The Pet Portal Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

The Pet Portal Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

If you have pet dogs or cats at home, you know that grooming is an important part of your life as a pet owner.

Dogs and cats require grooming because it not only maintains their spiffy appearance, it also keeps shedding and dander at bay. Because grooming is regularly needed, you have to invest on a good product to make the whole procedure easier for you and your pet.

Reviews are a good way to weed out the bad products from the worthy. Here is a review of the Pet Portal Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats.


  • Good for both short-haired and long-haired pet cats and dogs
  • Comes with self-cleaning feature
  • Offers great grooming results for your pets
  • Designed to be gentle on dog and cat skin
  • Comes with free grooming eBook
  • Backed by 5-year manufacturer guarantee


Grooming brushes for pets come in different types. One of the most popular choices is the slicker brush. The slicker brush, like this product from Pet Portal, is capable of taking away tangles and mats on pets’ coats.

This ability is attributed to the brush having ultra-fine bristles that can go deep on the hair of your pet. Mats are clumps of knotted fur that accumulate in dog’s hair and they can be a pain to unsnarl.

This occurrence usually happens to pets with longer, curly, or coarse hair. Matting should be taken care of as soon as possible because it can be uncomfortable or even painful for dogs.

The slicker brush can also be used as a de-shedding implement. It will help remove all that loose hair hanging about in the coat of your dog.

All dogs undergo shedding at some point and if you are concerned about the frequency of shedding or having piles of dog fur around the house, then having a slicker brush available will prove to be handy.

Another great thing about the Pet Portal slicker brush is that it performs well in regards to cleaning dog hair.

This kind of brush can easily reach deep down on the dog’s coat without damaging it. It will not also aggravate your pet’s skin. It goes through the coat to take away any sign of dust, dirt, or debris that might have gotten trapped or have accumulated on the fur.

Slicker brushes are often easy to use, and dog owners are encouraged to use the item regularly to maintain your pet’s cleanliness. Grooming regularly will keep your dog looking great, and it will also help stimulate the natural oils found on dog fur. This encourages a glossy, smooth, and healthy dog coat.

The Pet Portal company has provided the model with their patented self-cleaning function which permits taking away hair off of the brush within seconds.

You won’t have to pick strands of fur one by one since the unit can do this job itself. It also comes with a comfort-grip handle and stainless steel pins for grooming outcomes and it requires less effort. The unit was able to get rid of tangles and mats quickly as well. It has stainless steel pins that have excellent construction. The brush proved to be not too rough or harsh on dog skin as well. Even the hardiest of mats will not survive after being straightened out by this brush.

Using it for a few minutes will gather a solid amount of dog fur so, to get rid of it, you have to use its self-cleaning feature. When you press a button, the brush’s pins will go down.

Following this, you have to wipe the brush head in to take away fur buildup, not pick on the strands one by one. This is an advantage over other dog brushes. Overall, this product gets a high grade because of its design and functionality.


This Pet Portal model delivered plenty when it comes to tidying up your pet’s fur. However, its bigger size might be a challenge for beginners. Get used to the size of the product, and in no time you can use the item like a pro.


The Pet Portal Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats delivered well, and it’s a versatile product to boot. It is effective when it comes to maintaining and de-shedding pets’ coats. Its self-cleaning feature makes the whole deal sweeter. A recommended find if you are looking for a quality grooming brush.

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