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20 Pcs Cat Toys, Kitten Toys for Indoor Cats


Item Description:

1 foldable rainbow cat tunnel, 1 feather wand, 1 sisal ball, 1 tumbler mouse, 2 column bells, 2 synthetic fur mices, 2 colourful mices, 2 pumpkin bells, 2 springs, 2 fluffy balls, 2 jingle bells, 2 sound paper balls Which satisfies all of your cat's requirements. HIGH-QUALITY AND SAFE MATERIALS: Each cat toy is made of non-toxic and odourless materials including sisal, elastic, and feathers. Which is safe to play with cats and will not hurt them. KEEP YOUR CAT FIT AND OUT OF BORING: These amusing toys with vibrant colours will catch your cat's attention and encourage them to exercise more and release their energy, keeping them safe and active. When you don't have time to play with your cats, this is a great way to keep them occupied and have more fun.