The Pet Portal Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush Review

Cats are self-cleaners by nature, but sometimes, they need a little help to keep their coats looking their best. That’s where brushes come in. Slicker brushes are great for removing any loose clumps of fur that your cat may have missed during her grooming session.

There are dozens of slicker brushes on the market, but Pet Portal’s self-cleaning model is a favorite among pet owners.

Brush Specs

  • Push-button self-cleaning feature
  • Stainless steel bristles
  • Ergonomic design with anti-slip handle
  • White and blue design
  • Dimensions: 2.76″ x 5.92″ x 2.17″

Brush Design and Features

We love the white and blue design of The Pet Portal’s slicker brush, but not just because it looks nice. The bright colors make it easy to find this brush in the pile of cat grooming supplies. You can also buy this brush in black and bright green.

There are two sizes available: one for small to medium sized animals, and one for medium to large sized animals. The small to medium size is ideal for cats – even those that are on the large side.

This slicker brush features gentle stainless-steel bristles and a brush head that’s about 3″ wide. The bristles gently remove tangles, knots and mats from your cat’s coat. At the same time, the slightly pointed ends help stimulate the follicles and promote blood flow to the coat to make it shinier and healthier.

The bristles are strong and stiff enough to work through knots, but still gentle enough not to irritate the skin. You can even use this slicker brush on cats with sensitive skin.

If your cat has a really thick coat and sheds a lot, you’ll appreciate the self-cleaning feature that this brush offers. In the center of the brush head is a blue button. When you press the blue button, the bristles retract and make it easy to wipe away the fur.

If you’ve ever used a classic slicker brush, you know difficult – and painful – it can be to clean them. The Pet Portal brush eliminates this problem completely with its self-cleaning feature.

When your pet has an extra-thick coat, the self-cleaning feature saves you so much time.

  • Brush until the bristles are full.
  • Push the blue self-cleaning button.
  • Wipe away the fur.

Most people use this brush for their dogs, and they love it. If it’s good enough for a big, hairy dog with a thick coat, this brush will work wonders for your cat.

As a nice extra bonus, this slicker brush comes with free dog grooming eBook.

What We Like about This Cat Brush

There’s a lot to like about The Pet Portal slicker brush. It may be simple in nature, but it offers features that pet owners want and need.

The stainless-steel bristles truly are gentle but strong. They can easily untangle knots while catching loose fur and removing mild mats. The brush head contains many bristles that stimulate follicles while getting rid of debris, grease and anything else in your cat’s coat.

The self-cleaning system is our favorite feature. When the blades retract, it becomes so easy to remove any fur that the brush picked up. We’ve had cats that lose their weight in fur, and a feature like this saves so much time.

With conventional slicker brushes, you have to stop every few minutes to clean the brush by running your fingers through the bristles to push the fur out. It’s almost impossible (at least it feels impossible) to get the fur caught down at the bottom of the bristle near the brush head.

The Pet Portal slicker brush completely eliminates this frustration, so you can brush your cat more quickly and easily.

The brush itself is just the right size for your hand, and is ergonomically designed to prevent pain or fatigue while brushing. A 10-15- minute brushing session can be hard on the hand with some brushes, but this one is comfortable and easy to hold. There’s also an anti-slip feature on the handle. The rubbery grip prevents the brush from falling out of your hands while you brush.

What We Don’t Like about This Brush

The Pet Portal slicker brush is great for everyday grooming needs, but it won’t get rid of tough mats.

If your cat has more severe mats, you will need a de-matting tool. If it’s really bad, it’s time to take a trip to the groomer.

Another slight issue with this brush is that it doesn’t work well on cats with thinner coats. If your cat has a slick, short coat, the stainless-steel bristles may do more harm than good. Cats with this type of coat can usually be groomed with a simple pin brush.

Why Choose a Slicker Brush Over Other Brushes?

For cats with long, thick coats, a slicker brush will save you time and your cat pain. The bristles on a slicker brush are designed to remove mats and tangles for a better-looking coat. Tangles are a tough and painful job for a bristle brush.

Bristle and pin brushes are great for cats with sleek and short coats that don’t tangle easily. The problem with bristle and pin brushes is that they don’t easily untangle the fur. When the brush gets caught on a knot, it pulls on the cat’s skin and causes pain or discomfort.

Brushing can quickly turn from a relaxing, fun experience to a frightening one if you use the wrong brush.

You’ll see some people making complaints about this Pet Portal brush, claiming that it hurt their pet or didn’t groom their pet’s coat properly. These people were probably using the wrong brush for the job.

A slicker brush can cause discomfort for cats with thin or short coats. The wider separation between bristles also makes it more difficult to catch and comb through sleek, short and thin coats.

Our Final Thoughts

The Pet Portal slicker brush is a great choice for cats with thick and unruly coats. The tough-but-gentle bristles remove tangles without irritating the skin. The brushing action also stimulates the follicles to promote healthy hair growth and shine.

The self-cleaning feature makes this brush one of our favorites. So much time is saved with this feature, and it’s extremely easy to use.

If you’re looking for a brush that will help keep your cat’s shedding under control, The Pet Portal self-cleaning slicker brush is a great choice.

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